This is how STAA works for you.

Ikon für Automatisierte HR-Lead-Generierung

Automated HR lead generation

STAA crawls internet portals and finds open positions published by companies. It then identifies the most important contacts, mostly automatically and in real time. Algorithms extract the available contact data, automating the manual work your sales team has to do to find promising leads.

Ikon für Automatisierten Lebenslauf-Abgleich

Automated CV matching

Automated matching software matches CVs with open positions in seconds, reducing the time recruiters spend searching. This enables your sales team to find the most suitable open positions.

Multiple algorithms work for you 24/7, creating automated longlists, eliminating the manual work of creating them. Above all, it is STAA’s unique filtering feature that makes the difference: by setting filters such as geography or job title and allowing them to be ranked by importance to the vacancy, you can ensure matching accuracy at the highest level.

Ikon für: Versand von multiplen Rekrutierungs-E-Mails

Sending multiple recruitment emails

The multiple emailing feature enable recruiters to contact a large number of candidates simultaneously and personally. Your recruiters can personalize emails with short codes and have emails sent to all candidates that were automatically matched for the vacancies they are working on with just a few clicks.

Conversely, you can mass email matched candidate profiles to multiple companies with matching job opportunities, creating new business opportunities.

Ikon für Neukundenakquise

New customer acquisition

STAA enables precise targeting and outreach to promising leads. This helps your sales team to target specific companies and send personalized mass emails with candidates tailored to their needs.

You can also create diverse filters for different goals and purposes. This way, you can customize your messages according to the filters you choose and demonstrate to customers that the offers they receive are tailored to their exact needs. Alternatively, you can use the “vulture” tactic: A strategy where you discover open jobs that have been online for a long time, and then come up with a relevant offer.

Ikon für: Vakanzübersicht in Echtzeit

Vacancy overview in real time

The software searches job portals and creates an overview of all open positions in the market. The STAA real-time job overview gives your sales team, recruiters and management insight into job market developments in your country and in other countries where your company operates.

Your sales team can use the overview to see which open positions have the most matches with their candidates and therefore where they should focus their sales efforts. In short, the overview benefits the company’s success rate because sales can offer more candidates from their database and close more deals.

Ikon für: Stellenmarkt & Datenbank-Analytik

Job Market & Database Analytics

To continuously improve your recruiting processes, STAA offers detailed analytics, including:

  • Percentage of CVs matched with job openings
  • Number of emails sent
  • How many jobs are harvested per job board
  • How many vacancies STAA collects in your country

STAA shows them what jobs are most demanded in your market and allows you to see where you should focus your acquisition efforts.

Ikon für: Modul für den direkten Lebenslauf-Upload

Direct CV upload module

You can add the Direct CV Upload module to improve the user experience of your candidates. Automation allows you to add the STAA link to your website. You dramatically increase the user experience, because candidates can easily upload their CV in almost any format without having to fill in an extensive form: they simply upload their CV and give their consent for their CV to be used. This gives you quick and easy access to these CVs and allows you to contact the candidates. Once they proceed, candidates can gain broader access to the platform by creating an account for the STAA Candidate Portal. To do this, they only need a password, as STAA fills in all other data automatically. In their account, they can customize their resume to improve matching opportunities and see what other positions they are matched with. The positions are anonymized; you as the recruiter have full control and all DSGVO/GDPR regulations are strictly adhered to.