Beyond your experience

New TalentBase

New TalentBase is a full-stack recruitment application based on latest technology, AI and machine learning and hence it is the world’s next generation recruitment technology. It is managing the entire HR process from A to Z and goes beyond everything a recruiter has seen and experienced so far.

Software with recruitment best-practices

New TalentBase starts where all current recruitment applications don’t go any further. It is not just recruitment software as it works for the recruiter, is doing activities for the recruiter, is guiding the recruiter and gives advice. New TalentBase is an activity-driven software. With recruitment best-practices built in.

Your Dashboard does it all

Annoying and time-consuming data-entry, forgetting candidates, prospects and clients, collecting data for essential reports, going through numerous modules, getting lost … Isn’t there a single recruiter, working with traditional recruitment applications, who doesn’t suffer from this. New TalentBase offers you a dashboard from which you control all your projects, all your candidates, your network, all your vacancies and all your clients, prospects and sales activities. You simply access all this through built in widgets. You don’t even have to define them yourselves. We did it for you.

State-of-the-art and powerful functionalities

  1. Community building with candidates for future employment. Before a vacancy appears you already have the candidates
  2. Retention tools to keep your key-performers in your company
  3. Excellent management and reporting tools about all your employees
  4. Employment management tools (health & safety, contracts, certifications, ID, expiration alerts, skills, …)
  5. Third party access, e.g. agencies you have engaged
  6. Automated communication and alerts
  7. Information exchange with your financial- and payrollsoftware
  8. APIs with other applications you might use
  9. Excellent outplacement tools for exiting employees
  10. Real-time information supply

Shifting the limits even further – NTB plus STAA

Recruitment Magic

Every recruiter who sees STAA for the first time says that STAA is “recruitment magic”. Everything a recruiter doesn’t like to do, STAA does it for him. By itself. Fully automated. For example: For a company with a yearly recruitment need of 200 new employees one STAA recruiter handles ALL sourcing, matching, communication and shortlisting.

Some of the highlights of STAA

  1. Parsing of CVs
    STAA supports several languages and CVs are parsed into the database without manual data entry.
  2. Matching of CVs
    No complex filters to be set. Just one click “Find me candidates” and you have all relevant candidates.
  3. Pushing vacancies to job-boards
    A one-click activity.
  4. Building your network on a daily base
    Goes nearly automatically.
  5. Excellent segmentation & communication possibilities
    with candidates, prospects, clients.

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