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Digital Tools to run your HR-work more personal, efficient and easy by automising repetitive boring tasks.

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The Boost for your Recruitment-Activities

STAA is the ideal plug-in to complement your ATS systems.

A recruiter might deal with about 100 candidates to fill a job. Of all the CVs in your system, only about 5% are used. Data search and data entry take up almost 60% of the daily work.

Automate your time-consuming and manual processes and increase the efficiency of your recruiting activities with STAA.

Beyond your experience

Software with Recruitment best-practices

New TalentBase (NTB) starts where all current recruitment applications don’t go any further. It is not just recruitment software as New TalentBase works for the recruiter, is doing activities for the recruiter, is guiding the recruiter and gives advice. New TalentBase is activity-driven software. With recruitment best-practices built in.

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About Pontem Blue

Pontem Blue – we are a group of individuals with experience from a wide range of sectors, countries and cultures. From the creative and communications sector, to industry, from recruitment to the financial sector, from Europe to Asia to South America. What we have in common is that we all have, or have had, dealt with recruitment decisions and it struck us that, especially in recent years, digital tools in recruitment have not had a lasting impact on the much-needed time spent on interpersonal and quality candidate communication.

This is where Pontem Blue comes in and offers digital solutions that provide completely new, very effective and simple dimensions through AI and individually developed algorithms that take away the tedious and repetitive work from recruiters through automations and thus create free resources that increase efficiency and motivation.