More about STAA

Gerard Koolen, from the Netherlands, is the founder and CEO of the recruitment agency Lugera Group, which is based in 9 countries with 48 offices and over 400 employees.

As a recruiter, he had the same experience as many other recruiters:

  • A recruiter deals with about 100 candidates to fill a position.
  • Out of five suitable candidates, usually only one is placed in the end.
  • Of all the CVs in the system, only about 5% are used.
  • Data search and data entry take up almost 60% of the daily work.

In his search for the perfect supporting software and application, Gerard Koolen had not found it anywhere. “Before I thought of doing it myself, we searched the entire market for existing applications. And we didn’t find a single application that could do everything we wanted. So I started looking for developers who could implement my vision. I travelled around the world. From Bucharest, to Toronto, from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, to Amsterdam. But all I heard was: your idea is excellent, but we can’t do it. Let us know when you have such software!”

That’s when Gerard Koolen decided to develop such software himself – as a recruiter for recruiters. A groundbreaking software, based on the latest technologies, to help recruiters around the world to focus more on people and less on data entry and data search.

After three years of development, the STAA 2019 software was ready to be tested in the market.

To date, STAA is configured and in use for the following markets: Australia, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the UK, Ukraine and the USA.

More markets to follow …

Gerhard Koolen - Geschäftsführer STAA