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The Boost for your Recruitment-Activities

STAA is the ideal plug-in to complement your ATS systems.

A recruiter might deal with about 100 candidates to fill a job. Of all the CVs in your system, only about 5% are used. Data search and data entry take up almost 60% of the daily work.

Automate your time-consuming and manual processes and increase the efficiency of your recruiting with STAA.


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This is how STAA works for you.

  • Automated CV matching
    The software matches resumes with open positions in seconds, reducing the time recruiters spend searching. This enables your sales team to find the most suitable open positions.
  • New customer acquisition
    STAA enables precise targeting and outreach to promising leads. This helps your sales team target specific companies and send personalized mass emails with candidates tailored to their needs.
  • Job Market & Database Analytics
    To continuously improve your recruiting processes, STAA offers detailed analytics, including:
    • Percentage of resumes matched with vacancies
    • Number of emails sent
    • Number of job offers per job portal and vacancies collected by STAA
  • Vacancy overview in real time
    The software searches job portals and creates an overview of all open positions in the market. Via the STAA real-time job overview, your sales team, recruiters and management gain insight into developments on the job market.
  • Direct CV upload module
    You can add the Direct CV Upload module which allows you to add the STAA link to your website. This will dramatically increase the user experience as candidates can upload their CV in different formats without having to fill in extensive forms.
  • Sending multiple recruitment emails
    The emailing function allows recruiters to contact a large number of candidates simultaneously and personally. Emails can be personalised with short codes and sent with a few clicks to all automatically matched candidates for the vacancies they are working on.
  • Automated HR lead generation
    STAA searches internet portals for vacancies and identifies the most relevant contacts, mostly automatically and in real time. Algorithms extract the available contact data, automating the manual work your sales team has to do to find promising leads.


STAA constantly crawls dozens of portals to retrieve the latest available jobs as soon as they come online.


STAA reduces recruiter effort by 90% or more. And it does this by:

  • the creation of longlists in a matter of seconds
  • a dashboard with market information in real-time
  • quick contact with candidates and clients
  • automated or manual use, choose yourself!


STAA works platform-independent and to protect your and the user databases only with anonymized data.

The secret of STAA:
smart parsing, AI-based, adaptive algorithms


STAA deploys multiple parsing technologies in parallel. This delivers much better results than the use of only a single parser. With this technology, STAA is currently the global leader, especially in parsing of completely unstructured data material.


Our matching technology is unique and up to 100% accurate as it dissects CVs from multiple angles and consists of 12 main matching components built from hundreds of AI-based algorithms.

These two technologies thus support your recruiters through accuracy and, above all, speed in the creation of a longlist.

For recruiters by recruiters.

Developed and created by recruiters for recruiters, STAA was launched in 2019. Today, STAA is already successfully used in over 15 countries. The plug-in is configured in multiple languages, allowing it to be deployed across borders.

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